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New directions and trends
October 31, 2018

ITAB2019 Conference - November 6, 2019

VisitAalborg is really excited to introduce you to their third annual conference in the series titled ‘Integrating Tourism and Business’ – ITAB2019 on November 6th, 2019.

This year’s topic is ‘Destination Development and Leadership’, and during the day we will explore some of the most pressing challenges and opportunities that lie ahead – the focus of the day will be on community, brand, link between brand and community and leadership. Sustainability will be a subtheme throughout. The aim of the conference is to take a broader view of tourism than we meet and have time for in our busy, everyday work lives.

Target audience: Top level management from within the tourism industry, municipalities and Organizations.

In short, we seek to bring together tourism professionals, stakeholders and professionals with an interest in the collaborations between tourism and business. Participants at previous conferences: the local, regional and national tourism organizations. Add to this politicians and planning departments from municipalities around Denmark as well as delegates from organizations and official departments responsible for tourism and business development in Denmark in general.

We look forward to seeing you in November for an inspiring day packed with outstanding speakers and ample networking opportunities.
Our speakers come from all over the world and they will share their perspective from their part of the world and inspire us for the future tourism landscape.

The program

Please note that this program is tentative and that the order of individual presentations are subject to change.
Day 1
06 nov 2019


Signe Jungersted
Doug Lansky
Kristin Dunne
10:30 - 11:00


Robert Govers
Signe Jungersted
12:15 - 13:15


14:45 - 15:15


Signe Jungersted

Thank you

The Speakers

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Doug Lansky

Travel Writer, Acclaimed Keynote Speaker, Thought Leader on Tourism Sustainability, Innovation, Trends, and Destination Development

Guðrið Højgaard

Director, Visit Faroe Islands

Eddie Obeng

Educator Author, Innovator, Learning Director, Pentacle Ltd. T

Robert Govers

Author, Advisor, and Speaker

Kristin Dunne

CEO Tourism, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Jeff Hessel

Senior Vice President, Marketing, Tourism Calgary

The moderator

We look forward to seeing you November 6, 2019

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ITAB-konferencen kan helt klart anbefales.
Jeg blev både opdateret på en række yderst relevante områder for turismen, og så fik jeg samtidig mulighed for at netværke med en masse spændende mennesker inden for turismebranchen. Noget, der klæder mig bedre på til at varetage min stilling fremadrettet.
Jeg kommer derfor helt sikkert igen i 2019.

Helle Berthold Rosenberg, Turistchef, Turistsamarbejdet Kystlandet

For mig var ITAB 2018 den helt rigtige cocktail af godt netværk, et spændende internationalt program og gode rammer i Aalborg Kongres- og Kulturcenter.

Lars Ramme, Chef for turisme og oplevelsesøkonomi, Dansk Erhverv

Som analyse- og rådgivnings virksomhed inden for international turisme og luftfart, med speciel fokus på datadrevne beslutningsprocesser, er det af vital betydning, at vi løbende holder os orienteret om de seneste teknologiske branche udviklinger inden for bl.a. ”tracking” og trends. Vi kan på den baggrund ikke forestille os en mere relevant og fagligt givende konference end ITAB, hvor vi med stort udbytte har deltaget, både i 2017 og 2018. Vi oplever konferencen som værende både relevant, fagligt berigende og inspirerende og glæder os allerede til 2019.

Ole Paaske, Senior Manager, EPINION

Efter at have deltaget i de seneste 2 års ITAB-konferencer, er mine forventninger til dette års konference høje. Med ITAB har VisitAalborg for alvor vist vejen, når det handler om at organisere en konference på utroligt højt og faqligt inspirerende niveau.

Jens Müller, Direktør, VisitVestsjælland og Formand, Danske Destinationer

ITAB2018 var en super inspirerende konference for mig. ITAB-konferencerne henvender sig ikke bare til turismefolk, men VisitAalborg formår med det internationale kvalitets panel af speakers at nå langt bredere ud på et meget højt fagligt og inspirerende niveau.
Jeg glæder mig allerede til at deltage igen d. 6. november på ITAB2019.

Dorte Stigaard, Innovationsdirektør, Aalborg Universitet


Sustainability is not something we practice as a trend or as a marketing tool. Sustainability is something we practice and strive to comply with in our daily lives as well as in our organization. The choices we make at ITAB are made to ensure that we only have a positive impact on people and the environment.

Read more about sustainability

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