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Sustainability is not something we practice as a trend or as a marketing tool. Sustainability is something we practice and strive to comply with in our daily lives as well as in our organization. The choices we make at ITAB are made to ensure that we only have a positive impact on people and the environment and support the sustainable development goals below.


Going by car?

.. Then we would encourage you to use a carsharing scheme like GoMore: https://gomore.dk/

  1. a) if you have extra seats in the car please make them available for other participants
  2. b) if you are without a ride, you can search for available seats to and from Aalborg from a fellow conference participant

Either way please – write “ITAB” in your text to make it visible for your fellow participants that you are going to this conference. 

Going by air travel?

.. Then we recommend booking via SAS loyalty as they compensate via carbon offset programs in all flights booked.

Airport transfer

VisitAalborg provides free bus transfer between Aalborg Airport and the Conference Center, prior and post conference.

From Airport:

Depart Aalborg Airport 08.30 (the bus will wait for the flight arrival 08.16).

To Airport:

Depart Aalborg Kongres og Kultur Center 16.40.
he bus will depart in time for the 17.40 SAS and the 17.45 Norwegian departures to Copenhagen.

You can add this service to your registration until October 20th.

Public transport

Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center is a short 5-minute walk from Aalborg railway station and the bus terminal. National rail carrier, DSB, connects Aalborg regionally and nationally with frequent rail services. Local and regional busses have frequent departures.

Citybikes can be found at these locations: https://www.donkey.bike/da/byer/cykeludlejning-aalborg/?utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.dk%2F

The selected venue, AKKC, is the first and only venue certified with ISO 20121 for sustainable events, which is why you can be sure that all choices in regards to behavior, operations and practices and the physical environment are made to make the conference as sustainable as possible.


Flowers on the tables are recycled from the event the day before, which is an arrangement made between VisitAalborg and AKKC.

The decoration on stage will be donated to a local nursing home called “Fremtidens plejehjem” after the conference, in the hope that it will give joy to the residents.

All decorations will be used for an event in the evening before being donated to the nursing home

Food and Drink

The price of the daily conference package includes an unspecified lunch buffet focusing on sustainability.

The lunch menu contains of:

  • Various homemade fish, poultry and meat specialties with additional
  • 3 warm dishes of the chef’s choice – one of which is a vegetarian dish
  • A selection of seasonal salads
  • A selection of cheeses with fruits and homemade dessert cake

Sustainability is taken into account by:

  • primarily using danish local charcuterie and danish cheeses
  • using danish fruit and vegetables in season
  • using as much as the produce as possible, thereby reducing foodwaste
  • using today’s catch of fish, which allows the use of by-catch
  • using local and primarily organic dairy products

During the conference, only tap water is served, and the rest of the day there will also be served beverages in deposit-marked bottles.


To reduce our paper consumption and focus more on digital communication, we have chosen not to have any printed participants lists and programs.

Blocks and pens from our sponsor partner BDO, will not be placed on each table as usual, but can be found on shared table from which participants can collect them if they wish. This will help do reduce paper waste and consumption.

On the day of the conference, communication will take place via Menti, and questions can be asked in both Danish and English.

The banners present at the conference are reused from last year. Any other signage will be digital.

Keyhangers will also be reused, therefore dates are left out, and there will be a container set up for collection when the conference is over.

Student involvement

VisitAalborg has invited 25 tourism students from Aalborg University and 25 students from the tourism education at UCN to partake in the conference for the speak of key note speaker Doug Lansky. 

We have likewise invited 25 students from Aalborg University from the fields of study: Cand.merc Organization and Strategy and HA 3rd and 4th semester to experience key-note speaker Eddie Obeng.